Homepal is part of the Apple HomeKit® ecosystem, making for a truly Smart Home experience. Devices such as compatible light bulbs, alarms, thermostat, and plugs can all be seamlessly controlled with Homepal iKITT smart speaker
Homeal has integrated Bluetooth and Psychoacoustics Technology built-in. You can ask Homepal to play the most successful music of the year—of any year. For example, say "OK HomePal!” “Play the top song from 1989", and HomePal will add the 25 highest
Whether you’re preparing for mid-terms or simply teaching the kids, you can rely on Homepal for whatever you want to know. Spelling, definitions, history and even mathematics! Homepal is there for you every step of the way.
One of Homepal’s key features is it’s built in Wi-Fi repeater function, allowing you to use several Homepal devices at home to extend your coverage. Barbecue in the backyard? Ask Homepal for a 5 star recipe and make sure your entourage is well conne



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