Ever tried mastering time? We know it’s a tough task but with HomePal we are sure it’s ten time easier! Setting alarms, events and deadlines to your calendar has never been easier. “OK HOMEPAL!” “Remind me to buy more pasta tomorrow morning” – Maste
I am a voice activated smart hub utilizing Apple’s Siri voice assistant. I provide you with access to Siri everywhere and am fully portable with a rechargeable battery. I also function as a WiFi repeater allowing you to extend your activities to you
“OK HOMEPAL!” “Text My Husband – When will you be home? Dinner is Ready”. It’s as easy as that for you to connect with friends and family hands-free. Rely on HomePal’s Siri ® activated technology to help you stay in touch whilst multitasking at home
HomePal dream to be your voice activated device company with the goal to serve the IOT needs of our customers and provide the best product and services. Our iKITT can access Apple siri through its far-field voice recognition. The iKITT has built-in



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